Asdfmovie10 is the tenth installment to the asdfmovie series. It was released on April 1, 2017.


Don't Jump!

(Guy 1 is the top of a building, strong winds)

Guy 2: Nooo! Don't jump!

(Guy 2 pulls out video camera)

Guy 2: Okay! Now jump!

*Funky music and title screen*


Man 1: You want a piece of me?!

Man 2: Yeah!

(Man 1 takes off a piece of his torso)

Man 1: Well, here you go then!

Man 2: Thanks!

(Man 2 walks away)


Mom: Hey kids! Who's ready to draw?

Kids: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

Mom: Okay then...

(Mom pulls out gun)

Mom: Draw!



Sam: Okay! Hit the apple!

(arrow hits the apple)

Sam: Yeeaa…!

(tree falls onto Sam)


3D Guy #1: Hey! What time is it?!

3D Guy #2: It's medication time!

(Gulp + 3D Guys turn back to normal + pop)

Guy #2: This is better.


Basketball: Haha! Chase me, Suzie! Chase me!

(Car Horn + Splat)

Basketball: *deep voice* Mmm... Good...


Girl: Heeey... I'm not like OTHER girls... I have... SNAKE ARMS.

(exposes snake arms to funkier music)


Guy: I'm sorry, Jim, but I'm gonna have to let you go.

Jim: No, please! (Zooms out, and Jim is revealed to be a balloon)

Guy: (Lets go of Jim)

Jim: Noooo!!! (floats away)


Near Boy: (points away) Is this you?

Far Boy: Yes!

Near Boy: Hello!

Far Boy: Hiii!


Man 1: Hey, here comes that trainsgender guy!

I Like Trains Kid: (Offscreen) I like trains...

*both are hit by a train +splat + train horn*


Kid: I wish I could fly!

Genie: (snaps) Your wish is granted! (Magical sparkles)

Kid: Yaaay! (Jumps up and hits the ceiling + splat)


Sheep #1: Beep beep, I'm a sheep! I said beep beep, I'm a sheep!

*sheep #2 bahs*


Guy 1: You know what I hate? Child murderers.

Guy 2: Oh no! Here comes one now!

Child: (giggling) (chasing guy 1 and guy 2 with a blood-stained knife) I'm gonna getcha!


Diver: (jumps) Cannonballllll... (Keeps flying and eventually hits a pirate ship, whooshing winds)

Pirate: Yarrr! (Ship sinks + explosion)


Remix Sheep: (extremely funky music) Beep beep, I'm a sheep! I said beep beep, I'm a sheep. (x2)


Happy Father: My beautiful baby! This is the happiest day of my Life!

Lady: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

(Happy Father accidently drops the baby to clap his hands, baby splatter+ clap clap)


(two women appear, one opens her mouth real wide and someone is inside of there)

Goggles Guy: Have you seen mah leymons? I want mah leymons.


Fat Guy: I don't wanna be fat anymore... (pulls up a gun while crying, eats the gun)


Skateboarding Cow: Meow meow, I'm a cow. I said meow meow I'm a-

Sheep: No!!!


TomSka: Hey you! if you like asdfmovie you should probably buy an asdfmovie T-Shirt! I promise I won't spend your money on food! Nah, I'm totally gonna spend it on food.



  • Jacksepticeye
  • Dan And Phil
  • Eddie Bowley
  • Erin Breslin
  • Gabriel Brown
  • Luke Cutforth
  • I Like Trains
  • Chloe Dungate
  • Elliot Gough
  • Edd Gould
  • Rebecca Parham
  • TomSka
  • Mike and Jacob Trueman


  • The "Is this you?" joke was written only hours before asdfmovie10's release, as TomSka only wanted to use the funny voice.
  • The "Child Murderers" joke was originally about Child Molesters, but TomSka changed the joke after deciding it might be going too far.
  • Ridgewell has stated that this is one of his least favourite asdfmovies because the jokes are too direct.

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