asdfmovie12: deleted scenes is a collection of skits that never made it into asdfmovie12 released on September 12, 2019.


(Guy 1 shoots a bullet towards Guy 2. It looks like Guy 3 was about to take the bullet for Guy 2, but it's revealed that Guy 3 was going to hide behind him.)

Guy 3: Phew. I almost got shot.

(intro plays)


Wife: Hey, could you hold my baby? (accidentally drops baby)

Husband: Oh, apparently not.


Guy: *gasps* Oh no! I'm late!


Cop: Boss, what are we gonna do about all these gangsters?

Boss: Don't worry. We got a man on the inside.

(cut to Skateboard Cow passing through the gangsters.)

Skateboard Cow: Hello. Yes, I am real man. I love to do the crime.


*Two dogs shout their names out repeatedly.*


(Camera zooms out revealing that a man is holding an umbrella in his bathtub.)

Guy: My brain is big and smart.


Steve: Oh god... Duck!

Duck: Oh god... Steve!

Steve: How you've been, man?

(Duck quacks)


Woman: I'm not racist, but...

Butt: Okay.


(Duck 1 walks by Duck 2 with shoes on)

Bird 2: That ain't right.


Guy 1: Watch out for that kitten!

Guy 2: Oh, that doesn't sound so bad.

(Kitty's car bumps into a guy.)

Kitty: Meow!


  • This marks the return of the Skateboard Cow and Butt.
  • Butt was originally going to be in asdfmovie12.


Asdfmovie12- deleted scenes

Asdfmovie12- deleted scenes

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