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Asdfmovie2: deleted scenes is a continuation of Asdfmovie2. It was uploaded on 8 January 2010. The description of the video claims that the skits featured in the video, were candidates for asdfmovie2, but were cut by TomSka.


(asdfmovie2: deleted scenes intro)


Guy 1: Oh, no, I spilled my milk!

Guy 2: You've killed us all!

Guy 1: NOOOOOOOOO-- (house floods with milk and drowns both men. They gurgle.)


Teenager: Who parked their car...on my sandwich?!

Father: I did!

Teenager: gggrrrraaaAAARRRGGGGHHH--- (explodes)


Guy: Why won't this damn fax machine work?!

(fax machine rumbles and turns into a giant robot)


(guy is ecstatic)


Astronaut 1: Are we there yet?

Astronaut 2: (sigh) Yes.

Astronaut 1: Yaaaaaaaay! (jumps out of shuttle and realizes the other astronaut lied) Ah, crap.

(asdfmovie2: deleted scenes outro)

Text: These skits didn't make the cut because they were either too long or not funny enough They will be missed music by 2gi