Asdfmovie4 is the fourth episode in the asdfmovie series. It was uploaded to YouTube on September 2, 2011. There are a total of fifteen skits in this asdfmovie. The opening skit is "Do an Internet" and the closing skit is "Go to the Moon".

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Internet Kid: I'm gonna do an internet! (presses a key on the keyboard, and a rainbow jets out of the PC) WOOOOOAH!!!

Reader Guy: Well I'm gonna do a book! (touches an open book, nothing happens) Aw...

(title screen with music)


All Singers, All Melodies and All Symphonies: (sings) ♪ The Science Show! ♪

Guy: Piano!

(A piano crashes on him and does a low note)

Guy: (muffled) Ahhh!! Who's idea was this?!


(phone rings, guy picks it up, and gun pulls)

Robber: "This is a robbery."

(the dramatic dun, dun, dun, dun! could be heard)

(guy hangs up and walks away)


(two men are looking at each other, one pulls off his suit)

Man: Bleeeeech.

Man #2: Oh...


Police Cop: Hey, kid, you can't skate here!

Skater: You can't tell me what to do!

(skater is blown up by a mine in a minefield)


Billy: I wanna be a pie!

(shift to Billy as a pie in the oven)

Mom: Billy, Noooooo!


Snarky Man: Nice hat.

Magician Guy: Thanks!

Snarky Man: I was being sarcastic.

Magician Guy: Well, I stole your face!

(snarky guy slaps on his blank area where his face was)


Chair: (echoing off screen) Honey? Do you like my new shoes?

Harold: You are a chair, darling.

Chair: (yells louder) I CAN DREAM, HAROLD!!!!


(time machine appears)

Time Traveler Guy: It worked! My time machine wo-- (gets stepped on by a brachiosaurus called Stegosaurus)

Stegosaurus: I am a stegosaurus!


(suicidal guy rushes up to man)

Suicidal Guy: Quick! Shoot me in the face!

(other man whips out gun and fires)


Mugger: You're gettin' mugged, kid!

Kid: (shaping hands into "guns") No, you're getting mugged!

Mugger: (drops his gun) AAHH! HOW THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN WORK?!


Father: Hey, son! Catch! (throws ball)

Son: Ok, dad! I'm going to catch it! I'm going to ca- (gets squashed by ball which never changed size to match perspective)


Man: Banana fight!

Police Cop: (off screen gunshot) NO!


Citizen 1: (spots a flying saucer) Alien attack!

Rebel: Throw the CHEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!! (throws cheese at flying saucer)

(everyone stares)

Citizen 2: Yeah!

(credits roll with asdfmovie song in background)

Daughter: When I grow up, I want to go to the moon!

Father: Why wait?! (kicks his daughter into the sky and his daughter screams)

(credits continue)


  • If you listen very closely at the end of "Throw the Cheese" skit, someone says "Yeah!"
  • Harold was reading a newspaper with the front page story saying Potato Found Dead which references the Die Potato trilogy.
  • This was the first asdfmovie to be animated by Ben Smallman, and the first to have music performed by Todd Bryanton.
  • The line "Throw the CHEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!" was heard on the Mine Turtle song.

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