Asdfmovie5 is the fifth Asdfmovie in the series, and was uploaded to YouTube on May 11, 2012. The episode is 1 minute and 28 seconds long, and has 14 skits. It is the first movie to feature the Mine Turtle and the Magical Pony. It is also the second movie to feature the Driving Llama. The video has over 39 million views. The video begins with the "Play that One" skit and ends with the "Being Random" skit.

Voice Actors

  • Tomska as Mine Turtle and Johnny
  • Jamie Spicer Lewis as Bobby
  • Jenny Bingham as Girlfriend
  • Khyan Mansley as Guy Saying Hello to Mine Turtle
  • Jack Howard as Guy Who Wants To Play Video Games
  • Dean Dobbs as Guy Who Doesn't Want To Play Video Games
  • Chris Bingham as Guy Who Wonders If His Pony Can Fly
  • Don Fera as Ducks


Johnny: Hey, Bobby! Play that one about falling down the stairs!

Bobby: Sure thing Johnny!

(Bobby falls downstairs and hits the piano, and plays a sour note)

Bobby: I love it!

(title screen)


Girl: So beautiful out here.

Boy: Yeah, it's just me, you and the moon.



Doctor: Sir, you appear to have a very severe case of... baby voice.

(Sir yowls and giggles in his baby voice as he throws his hands around)


Guy: Hello, Mine Turtle.

Mine Turtle: Hello!

(Man 2 steps on Mine Turtle, triggering button)

Man 2: Oh-

(Mine Turtle and Man explodes)


Video Gamer Guy 1: Hey man. You wanna play some video games?

Video Gamer Guy 2: No way, dude! You always beat me!

Video Gamer Guy 1: TELL NO ONE!

(Pal punches Buddy)


(Guy walks to the end of the ledge but floats off)

Guy: Oh, okay.


(Guy is being hit by muffins)

Guy: Aw, man, you ever going to run out of muffins?!

Muffin Man: (Deep French accent) No. Because I work at ze muffin factory.


Random Man: I wonder if my pony can fly.

(Pony fly up in the air)

Random Man: Huh.


Narrator: And now... Ducks.

(sea crowling)

Duck 1: Quack.

(Quickly transitioning through voices)

Duck 2: I was JUST about to say that.

Duck 1: Are you serious?

Duck 2: Totally.

Duck 1: Oh, that's spooky.

Duck 2: We are so in sync.


Little Girl: Mommy, mommy! Look, a turtle!

Mine Turtle: Hello!

(Mine Turtle jumps out of her hands and explodes)


Guy 1: Here, hold this.

(Sticks sword into Guy 2's stomach and walks away)


Bully: I'm gonna punch you in the face!

Nerd: But it's opposite day.


(Bully punches himself)


(Mine turtle appears)

Man: Oh no. I am NOT stepping on you.

(Car crashes and llama runs around screen)

Mine Turtle: Hello!

(credits start)

Guy 1: Do you ever get tired of being random?

(Guy 2 is seen, he has a beak instead of a mouth, Guy 1 gets back on screen, and he has a beak now)

Guy 1: Me neither.

(asdfmovie5 show pause, then credits end)


In the second last skit, the Mine Turtle didn’t explode for the very first time, but the llama almost stepped on him but missed. In later appearances, he exploded.

Originally, a one scene was going to have the guy wonder if his baby can fly. It was changed to a Magical Pony. For more info, go to


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