Asdfmovie6 is the sixth movie in the Asdfmovie series. It was released on February 9, 2013.

Voice Actors

  • Bernard Duke as Face Puncher
  • TomSka as Mine Turtle / Burger / Guy Who Jams Carrots in His Eyes 
  • Jason Steele as Puppy
  • Chole Dungate as Mother
  • Michael Stevens as Guy Talking About Carrots
  • Dean Dobbs as Guy Getting Punched
  • Brock Baker as Cop
  • Todd Bryanton as Do The Flop Guy
  • Sean Klitzner


Serious Guy: I'm going to punch your face!

(Victim gasps)



Face of victim’s face: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO- (gets punched)

(asdfmovie6 title screen music playing)


Teacher: Hello, welcome to Standing Up School. (One student falls) And you fail. (points stick at the student who fell)


(Guy plays trumpet)

Policeman: Hey, you got a license for that?

Guy: You'll never take me alive!

(blows trumpet into his ear, like shooting himself with a gun, killing himself)


Door: (muffled) Knock, knock!

Man: Who's there?

Door: (slamming open on the man) The door!


Guy 1: Hey, did you know that carrots are good in your eyesight?

(Guy 2 sticks carrots in his eyes)

Guy 2: (deep voice) You lied to me!


Singer 1: Hello...

Singer 2: Hello...

Singer 3: Hello...

(Singer 4 steps on Mine Turtle)

Mine Turtle: Hello!

All Singers: Oh, no!

(Mine Turtle and singers explode)


Woman: Ooh, a puppy!

Man: Oh, careful honey. He has a knife!

Dog: Eeh, what? No, no. I don't!


Do the Flop Guy: (slides into crowd) Everybody do the flop!!!

(everybody flops face first on the ground)


Guy (offscreen): Hello, burger!

Burger: I used to be a cow.

Guy (Offscreen): Oh!


Narrator: And now, the funniest thing you've ever seen from really far away.

Other Guy 1 (in volume 3): Hey, do you have a menu?

(Banjo and Other Guy 2 explodes in volume 3)

Other Guy 1 (in volume 3): Apples!


Singers (singing): He's a magical pony flying through the sky. On a magical journey just for you and I-

Army Guy 1: Shoot him down.

(Army Guy 2 fires cannon at pony)

(Magical Pony explodes)


(Man looks at his watch)

Man: I have no idea how to breathe.


Dad: What are you drawing, honey? 

Daughter: I'm drawing a bear! (Is revealed to be drawing the bear on a bear)

Bear: Nom.


Guy 1: Quick, don't think about cats!

(Guy 2 pukes out lots of cats)


Mom: Here comes the airplane!

I Like Planes Kid: (opens mouth)

(airplane crashes into a house, Mom and I Like Planes Kid died)

(credits roll)

(Stupid 2 choked)

Stupid 1: Is anybody here a doctor?

Doctor: I am!

Stupid 1: Well, you're a nerd!

(Stupid 2 died and hi-five with Stupid 1)

(credits roll continue)



  • Mine Turtle returns in the "Hello" sketch.
  • This is the most view and likes in all asdfmovies which is over 200,000 likes and over 13,000,000 views!
  • The Three Stooges' "Hello" chord was featured in this asdfmovie.
  • The Pony skit form asdfmovie 5 returns in this episode.

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