Asdfmovie7 is the seventh episode of Asdfmovie. It was uploaded to YouTube on October 25, 2013, which was previously uploaded Asdfmovie6 on February 9 the same year.


  • Do The Flop Guy (second appearance)
  • Guy Asking About Birthday and Guy Who Got Older For His Birthday (exclusive)
  • Guys Who Take It Outside (exclusive)
  • Desmond the Moon Bear (Skeleton Edition)
  • Cop
  • Joey
  • Girl Who Wants to Play Catch the Knife
  • Mother

Voice Actors

  • Dom Fera as Guy Asking About Birthday and Guy Who Got Older For His Birthday 
  • Chloe Dungate as Girl Who Wants to Play Catch the Knife and Mother
  • Tomska as Cop,Joey, Man Shouting Not to Jump, Fat Guy,Guy Who's Allergic to Feathers, Saturn,Tall Midget,Desmond the Moon Bear Narrator,Guy Who Turns on Colour, Guy Offering a Banana
  • Kim Miller as Girl Who Agrees to Play Catch the Knife and Stacy
  • Dean Dobbs as Brian
  • Zack Keller as Guys Who Take it Outside
  • Todd Bryanton as Do The Flop Guy
  • Daniel J Layton as Guy Who Suggests Turning The Frown Upside Down and Sad Guy 
  • Sam Lavagnino as Mr. Muffin



This scene references Meanwhile 2

Guy: Hey, what'd you get for your birthday?

Birthday Guy: I got older!

Guy: Hahahaha!

(Birthday Guy rapidly ages)

Birthday Guy: Hnnnnnggggghhh.. (while he ages)

Guy: AAAAAAAH! That is weird.

(asdfmovie7 title screen)


Girl 1: (holding a knife) Hey, you wanna play catch the knife?

Girl 2: Sure!

(Girl 2 gets shot)

Girl 1: (now holding a gun instead of a knife) Man, I suck at this game!


Cop: Ma'am, I'm afraid I caught your son doing... (zoom to the big screen for a whoosh) Homework.

Ma'am: But where did I go wrong?!


Mr. Muffin: Hey, Joey! You wanna eat me?!

Joey: No thanks, Mr. Muffin!

Mr. Muffin: But I wanna die!


Brian: Hey, Stacy! You wanna go do the prom with me?

Stacy: Uh, I'm sorry, but I'm a ghost.

Brian: But you're not dead.

(Stacy shoots herself in the head with a gun)

(Stacy's spirit floats upwards)

Stacy: Bye, Briaaaaaan.


Man 1: (Looks angry) Hey, buddy! You wanna take this outside?

Man 2: (Also looks angry) Sure!

(They go outside)

Man 1: (Still looks angry) Wow! What a lovely evening!

Man 2: (Also still looks angry) This was a really good idea!


Guy 1: Don't jump! You have so much to live for!

Do the Flop Guy: Everybody Do the FLOP!

(The Do the Flop Guy, Guy 1, Guy 2 and Guy 3 flop face first)

(Guy 4 lands on the ground from the building and flops face first, Blood splatters out of his body)


Fat Guy: Oh, I'm so full.

Mr. Muffin: You have room for a muffin?

Fat Guy: No!

Mr. Muffin: (In happy voice) WHY WON'T YOU LET ME DIE?!?!?!?


Guy: (sliding over to girl) Hey baby, are you an angel? 'cause I'm allergic to feathers. (pukes on girl)


(The sun frowns, looking bored)

Saturn: (orbiting around sun) You're fat!

(The sun smiles)


(Two people standing quietly)

Guy 2: I am a very tall midget.


Stupid Guy 1: Hey, buddy! Turn that frown upside down!

Stupid Guy 2: Okay! (breaks his neck and face plants on the ground)


(Desmond the Moon Bear intro music playing with a flute, some drums and every music)


(Desmond's skeleton on the moon is shown)

Screen: The End.


(Guy pulls a light switch. Everything becomes colored and hills, bushes, sun, the sky, and clouds appear. The guy is naked.)



(Buildings appear with a street light and the sun with clouds, a sky, and bushes, all in color also appear. 2 guys are also naked.)

Guy 1: Hey, you want a banana?- OH! WHAT!? NO! TURN IT BACK! AAAAAAHH!

(both yell, scream)

Mr. Muffin: (jumps out) Who wants a muffin?!


Mr. Muffin: Subcribe to TomSka for more videos and go to... and go to, um... And check out Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover.


  • Desmond the Moon Bear 2 is a continuation of the skit from asdfmovie2. Over the course of time, Desmond has been reduced to a skeleton.
  • The "Do the Flop Guy" skit from asdfmovie6 was brought back in this movie.
  • Mr. Muffin is voiced by Sam Lavaginino.
  • This episode is the darkest of all the asdfmovies because of its high death toll and taste of black comedy (especially jokes about suicide), featuring 5 deaths.
    • However, asdfmovie6 has 8 or 9 deaths. (3), The four singers (4), one of the two far away guys (5), the Pony (6), the Girl drawing a bear (possibly) (7), the mother (possibly) (8 or not dead) and the guy who needs a doctor (8 or 9).
      • The child did not die because he is the I Like Trains Kid, who is technically immortal, since he comes back to life every time he gets hit by a train. It is unknown if the mother of the I Like Trains Kid died.
    • TomSka admits that the humor from this episode, as well as asdfmovie6, was a result to his own mental health issues at the time.
  • The film reveals that everyone and everything in the asdfmovie world is naked, as the colour gags near the end show. The monochrome coloring hid the characters from being shown in the nude.
  • Starting with this installment, asdfmovie no longer has a skit after credits (which previously only happened in asdfmovie3), instead ending with one of the characters (in this case Mr. Muffin) asking viewers to subscribe to TomSka's channel.
    • Asdfmovie7: deleted scenes does have a skit during the credits. But every episode after that doesn't.
  • The sun may be depressed due to the amount of time Saturn takes to revolve around it.
  • Joey also appeared in asdfmovie3 and 4.

The "Homework" joke is either inspired by or an intentional parallel to a similar joke in TomSka's video "Meanwhile 2."

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