Asdfmovie: deleted scenes is a collection of skits that never made it into asdfmovie7 released on November 17, 2013.


Mother: Have you seen the baby??

Father: No, I think he got outside!

*as the mother leaves, the father's head zips open to reveal the baby*

Baby (deep voice): You fool!

*asdfmovie deleted scenes title and intro plays*

Dougal Flopguy: EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!!!


*mailman walks up to customer and repeatedly tries to shove a letter into his chest*

Customer: N-no, No! Let me...AAAAAA–


Man: I am depressed.

Narrator: Suddenly, pineapples!

*The man is seen again surrounded by pineapples*

Man: This does not help.


Sun: Hey buddy, look over here!

*the man turns to look and his eyes start frying*

Sun: Ha ha! Now you're blind!


Larry: What's goin' on, guys?

Archibald: Larry, this is an intervention. You need to stop breaking people's necks!

*Larry snaps Guy 2's neck*

Larry: What are you talkin' about?

Archibald: Larry!

Larry: What?

*Larry is already holding the first man's head in a headlock*

Archibald: LARRY!!!

*Larry breaks his neck*


Man 1: Hey, cool hat!

*tries the hat on and disappears as the hat encompasses his entire body*


Mother: No, Suzie, don't walk in the road!

Suzie: Look, Mom, I made it! *gets stepped on by a stegosaurus*

Stegosaurus: I am a stegosaurus!


*a man is very slowly playing a Jack in a Box tune. The camera pans out to reveal he is standing in the heart of a crime scene being investigated by police.*


Husband: Happy birthday!



Doctor: It's a boy!


Singers: Invisible Billy Adventures!

Friend: Hey, Billy, catch the Frisbee!

*the Frisbee sails across the shot, creating a small fountain of blood before another erupts on the floor*

Friend: B-Billy?


Doctor: Sir, I'm afraid you have brain cancer.

Narrator: Suddenly, pineapples!

*The Doctor and patient are surrounded by pineapples, and the patient's head has been replaced with a pineapple*

Doctor: Well, the good news is you don't have brain cancer anymore....

*the patient's pineapple head falls off*


Victim: Save me, SuperGuy!

SuperGuy: No.

*Victim falls to his death*

Victim: You're a diiiiiiiiiiiiiick--

*Victim splats into the ground*


*static shots of an apple and orange with faces drawn on*

Young DaneBoe: Hey, apple! Apple! Apple! Hey, apple!

Father: Well, we failed. *cocks shotgun* Don't look, honey.


Guy: Hello, Mine Turtle!

Mine Turtle: Hello!

Narrator: Suddenly, pineapples!

*They are surrounded by pineapples, before a falling one hits Mine Turtle's button, killing them both*


Singer: ♪ He's a magical pony flying through the sky- ♪

*pony suddenly gets annihilated by a missile, and his head lands on the shoulders of a bud on the ground.*

Bud: I love it!

*credits roll*

Bully: Hey. You know who's gay?

*they are immediately shown holding hands as the Wedding March plays*

Bully: Us.

*ending sequence*

Bully/TomSka: Hey! You should buy some asdfmovie T-shirts at! I wanna buy a boat! Oh, yeah!


  • The Magical Pony Skit is a reference to TomSka's video "The Fallen", where a character with a horse head gives a thumbs up and exclaims "I love it!" This became a recurring gag in his skits for some time.
  • TomSka has expressed regret on his vlog for not just making this video asdfmovie8, as he would be "a whole asdfmovie ahead by now." He loves every single joke except for the pineapple one.
  • The skit with the talking fruit references DaneBoe's Annoying Orange.
  • This is the third and final appearance of the “You Know Who‘s Gay” running gag.
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