The Butt is an antagonist that first appeared in asdfmovie11. He also appeared in Asdfmovie12: deleted scenes but instead of farting, he speaks for the first time.
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Butt's first appearance

Appearance 1

Man: I am going to open this door!

(Man opens the door, and the butt is revealed. He farts very loudly, tearing off the man's skin.)

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Butt's second appearance

Appearance 2

Girl: I... I Iove you, but...

(The girl notices that she's actually talking to the butt. He farts loudly in her face, ripping off her skin.)

Appearance 3 

Mom: Happy 10th Birthday!

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Butt's third appearance

(The 10 year old boy stares at book called "Stabby Princess III.)

Boy: But.. But... BUT!!! This isn't what I wanted.  

(Butt appears in the form of the mother's face and farts loudly, ripping her son's body.)


asdfmovie12: deleted scenes

Lady: I'm not racist, Butt.

Butt: Ok.

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butt in asdfmovie12: Deleted Scenes

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