Dougal Flopguy (also known as Do the flop Guy) Is a character in asdfmovies 6 and 7. Everytime he shouts "EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!!!" ​He and the other people flop face first. He was born with 2 left feet and as he grew up, they had to replace one of them with a right foot so he could be normal. In his appearance of ASDF6, there is people and he shouts, "Everybody do the flop!" And they flop face first. In ASDF7, 1 Man shouts not to jump, Dougal Flopman slides into the crowd and shouts: "EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!!!" ​And they flop face first, and then the 4th Man lands on the ground and flops face first. His Special appearance was Ultrasdf. In Ultrasdf, there's actually 2 appearances of him. One, he breaks a window. Two, he keeps repeating it over and over again and again, And a teenager explodes. But we're not talking about exploding teenagers or anything, 'Cause that's from Asdfmovie2: Deleted Scenes. Right now, we're talking about Do the flop Guy and his appearances. He was born on the 11th of March, 1976 which means he is 44 years old. At a flop concert, it was interrupted by Mine Turtle. Now he thought it will cause the world to end. But then, he came up with an idea and brought the flop back. So the flop continued, year, after year, after year. But then in 2014 the song came out and in 2013, asdfmovie6 and 7 came out. Asdfmovie6 was on YouTube on February 9, 2013. Asdfmovie7 was published to YouTube on October 25, 2013. The Song was on January 17, 2014.


​Dougal Flopguy: Everybody do the Flop!

​(Everyone lands on the ground and flops face first)


​Guy 1: Don't jump! You have so much to live for!

​Dougal Flopguy: Everybody do the Flop!

​(Everyone lands on the ground and flops face first)

​(Guy 4 lands on the ground from the building and blood splatters out)


(Only appears in intro)

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