Gullible is the 3rd scene in Asdfmovie2. It is 6 seconds long. It reappears in the Mine Turtle music video.


It opens up with a guy who says to another guy that it says "gullible" on the ceiling, and then the guy steals the other guy's lungs.

In the Mine Turtle music video, the Mine Turtle in is place of the word gullible. It then falls from the ceiling and lands on its button, blowing up itself and both guys.

Asdfmovie 2

Round 1

  • Asdfman 1: Hey. It says "Gullible" on the ceiling.
  • The camera faces on the ceiling and it says "Gullible".
  • Asdfman 2: Oh, so it d--ah! You stole my lungs.


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