Ryan was smiled first time in main ASDFmovie series(ASDFMOVIE 6)

I Like Trains is a popular recurring sketch in asdfmovie, appearing in asdfmovie2, asdfmovie3, asdfmovie6, asdfmovie9 and asdfmovie10. The sketches mainly consists Ryan saying his famous catchphrase, "I like Trains", before getting hit by a real train from out of nowhere. (Occasionally the train hits other people in different sketches surrounding this gag)


A girl likes singing, a boy likes dancing and another boy likes trains, as he gets hit by a train.



Part 1

Girl: I like singing!

Boy: I like dancing! 

Ryan: I like trains.

He gets hit by a train.

Part 2

Teacher: Hey kids! I brought you some cookies!

Kids cheer. The I Like Trains Kid interrupts.

Ryan: I like trains.

Everyone stares at him. He gets hit by a train.

Part 3

Harold: What are you up to, son?

Ryan: I like trains.

Harold: Hahaha. Yes you do.

Awkwardly long silence. Leading into...

Part 4

Guy: Hey. You know who's gay? Yo-

They get hit by a train.

asdfmovie 3

Guy: Die potato!

Potato: Noooooooo....!

Ryan: I like trains.

Guy: Oh no-no-no, wai- !

Guy and Potato get hit by a train. The I Like Trains Kid smiles.

asdfmovie 6

Mother: Here comes the aeroplane!

Baby version of the Ryan smiles and opens his mouth, and a plane crashes into the house.

asdfmovie 9

Phone rings, man accepts the call.

Ryan: (calling) I like trains.

Man gets hit by a train.

asdfmovie 10

Guy 1: Hey. Here comes that Trainsgender guy.

Ryan: (in the distance) I like trains.

Both men get hit by a train.

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