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[[File:I am a Stegosaurus|full|right|335 px]] [[File:Stegosaurus.png|thumb|I AM A STEGOSAURUS!!!]]
[[File:Stegosaurus.png|thumb|The Stegosaurus( actually Apatosaurus)]]
==<span style="font-size:18px;">Script</span>==
'''I am a Stegosaurus!''' is a skit that is part of [[Asdfmovie4]] and [[Asdfmovie: deleted scenes]].
Man: (Jumps out of time machine) YES! IT WORKED! MY TIME MACHINE WORKED!
==Victims of the skit==
*Time Traveler
Historically Inaccurate Dinosaur/Apatosaurus: (Stomps on Man and time machine) I am a stegosaurus! With a bird tweet in the background for jungle effects.
===Scene 1===
''Time Machine appears. The time traveller walks out.''<br>
'''Time Traveler''': It worked! My time machine wor-<br>
''(The time traveler gets stomped.)''<br>
'''Stegosaurus(actually Apatosaurus)''': I am a Stegosaurus!
(From asdfmovie 7 deleted scenes)Mom: No,Susie. don't walk in the road!
===Scene 2===
'''Mom''': No, Susie! Don't walk in the road!<br>
Susie: Look,Mom! I made it." (Gets crushed by dinosaur)
'''Susie''': Look, Mom, I made it!<br>
''(She gets crushed.)''<br>
Dinosaur: I am a stegosaurus!
'''Stegosaurus(actually Apatosaurus)''': I am a Stegosaurus![[Category:Asdfmovie Skits]]
[[Category:Asdfmovie Skits]]
[[Category:Asdfmovie: Deleted Scenes]]

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The Stegosaurus( actually Apatosaurus)

I am a Stegosaurus! is a skit that is part of Asdfmovie4 and Asdfmovie: deleted scenes.

Victims of the skit

  • Time Traveler
  • Suzie


Scene 1

Time Machine appears. The time traveller walks out.
Time Traveler: It worked! My time machine wor-
(The time traveler gets stomped.)
Stegosaurus(actually Apatosaurus): I am a Stegosaurus!

Scene 2

Mom: No, Susie! Don't walk in the road!
Susie: Look, Mom, I made it!
(She gets crushed.)
Stegosaurus(actually Apatosaurus): I am a Stegosaurus!

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