joey in asdfmovie 7

Joey is a recurring character in the asdfmovie series. He is first seen in asdfmovie3, when his friend loses his sandwich. When asked if he ate it, Joey claimed he was his friend's sandwich and climbed into his mouth. He later climbed back out in asdfmovie4, which prompted a mildly surprised response from a bystander. Finally, in asdfmovie7, Mr. Muffin asked Joey to eat him. Joey declined, much to the disappointment of the muffin.

Script 1 (Sandwich)

Joey's Friend: Joey did you eat my sandwich?

Joey: I AM your sandwhich.

Joey's Friend Proeceeds to swallow Joey

Script 2 (Muffin)

Mr. Muffin: Hey Joey! Do you want to eat me?

Joey: No Thanks, Mr Muffin!

Mr. Muffin: But I want to die!


Joey has a more deeper voice in asdfmovie3,despite having a higher voice in future appearances.

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