The Mine Turtle is a character who first appeared in Asdfmovie5.


The Mine Turtle was raised at a petting zoo when one day a man named Tom shouted "Drunk Science!" and he drank a beer. He made a normal tortoise into a Mine Turtle. The cops tried to stop him before he could explode, shouting: "Look out he's got a nose!" but Tom doesn't. Many years later, Mine Turtle meets the I Like Trains Kid, who adopts him. Potato is his bro.

Explosion & Mechanics


When slowing down the video, or looking very carefully very fast, the turtle first bursts his eyes out, then he explodes with no blood. His mechanics are very, very simple. He moves to a certain location, if a character picks him up, he will fall on his back in a suicide attempt, this isn't proven though if it is suicide. If this is not done, he will be stepped on, either on accident or purposely.

He appears in


  • The Mine Turtle might be a reference to the Bomb-Shell Koopa from Super Mario Land.
    • He also might be a disguise of a Bob-omb from Super Mario.
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