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Muffin Time is an asdfmovie card game, created by TomSka and Big Potato Games. The game was funded by Kickstarter in August 2019 and released in July 2020 after several delays. It was revealed in the TomSka video, "IT'S MUFFIN TIME".


Each player starts off with three random cards from a deck, during a player's turn, they can take a new card from the deck or play their cards. There are three different types of cards: Action, Trap, and Counter cards. Action cards have a variety of effects such as benefiting a player, screwing over a player, or have a random effect. Trap cards are placed face-down which another player can flip over, read it out, and negatively affect them, they can be used once per turn, don't count to the total of cards a player has and only three trap cards can be active at a time. Counter cards can counter another player's card and can be placed straightaway. When a player has 10 cards, he/she must shout out, "It's Muffin Time", if that player still has 10 cards during their next turn, they win. There are over 200 unique cards in the game.



Name Image Description Origin
Alien Invasion
MuffinTime Alien Invasion
give another player your entire hand Asdfmovie4
Baby Voice
MuffinTime Baby Voice
(Mini-Game) choose another player to speak in a baby voice until your next turn; steal 3 of their cards if they fail Asdfmovie5
Baby With A Gun
MuffinTime Baby With A Gun
(Kickstarter-exclusive) steal as many cards as you want from as many other players Baby With A Gun
Banana Peel
MuffinTime Banana Peel
put this card in the deck face-up and whoever draws it keeps it and discards 3 other cards Asdfmovie9
Cake Day
MuffinTime Cake Day
all players each give 1 card to the player whose birthday is closest TBD
Can't Breathe
MuffinTime Can't Breathe
(Mini-Game) the player who can hold their breath the longest draws 3 cards asdfmovie6
Cool Hat
MuffinTime Cool Hat
any players wearing a hat draw 3 cards Asdfmovie: deleted scenes
Do Not Want
MuffinTime Do Not Want
you can't play this card or win if it's in your hand (hope someone steals it) TBD
Don't Even
MuffinTime Don't Even
no players can play action cards until your next turn asdfmovie3
Don't Want to Be Fat choose yourself or another player to discard 3 cards asdfmovie10
Draw a Bear
MuffinTime Draw A Bear
draw 3 cards and if "desmond the moon bear" is 1 of them, draw 3 more asdfmovie6
Drunk Science
MuffinTime Drunk Science (KickStarter Exculsive)
(Kickstarter-exclusive) steal all players hands, shuffle them, and deal them out evenly Drunk Science
Evil Tie
MuffinTime Evil Tie
steal 1 card from every player with the same amount of cards as you Asdfmovie
Falling Up
MuffinTime Falling Up
reverse the direction of play asdfmovie9
Got It Back In
(Kickstarter-exclusive) steal another player's entire hand and put it anywhere in the deck Asdfmovie12
Got Your Nose
MuffinTime Got Your Nose
steal 1 card from another player Asdfmovie
Grow Up Fast
Grow up fast
all players draw up to (or discard down to) 7 cards Asdfmovie11
Here! Have It!
MuffinTime Here Have It
give any cards you don't want to another player TBD
Hey, You Two Should Kiss!
MuffinTime Hey, You Two Should Kiss!
draw 2 cards but give 1 to another player asdfmovie5
Hit The Apple
MuffinTime Hit The Apple
(Mini-Game) all players (including you) touch this card and the last player to do the same discards 3 cards Asdfmovie10
Hold This!
MuffinTime Hold This
trade hands with another player of your choice Asdfmovie3
Hold Your Horses
MuffinTime Hold Your Horses
no players can win until your next turn TBD
Homework Choose and keep 1 of the next 5 cards in the deck asdfmovie7
I Like Trains
MuffinTime I Like Trains
all players pass their hands to the left Asdfmovie2
I Used to Be a Cow
MuffinTime I Used to Be a Cow
all meat-eating players skip their next turn asdfovie6
I Wanna Die
MuffinTime I Wanna Die
discard your entire hand (stop playing if you want) asdfmovie7
I Want Mah Leymons ask another player do you have mah leymons. if they have the mah leymons cards, steal their entire hand Asdfmovie10
Imma Getcha!
MuffinTime Imma Getcha
choose another player to discard all their action cards Asdfmovie10
In Sync
MuffinTime In Sync
repeat the effects of the most recently played action card Asdfmovie5
Joust Time
MuffinTime Joust Time
(Mini-Game) play rock paper scissors with another player and whoever wins draws 3 cards IT'S MUFFIN TIME kickstarter video
Level Up draw 2 cards, all other players draw 1 Asdfmovie
Magical Pony
MuffinTime Magical Pony
draw 4 cards Asdfmovie6
MuffinTime Medication
all players who have taken medication in the last 24 hours draw 2 cards Asdfmovie10
Mine Turtle
MuffinTime Mine Turtle
all players discard 3 cards Asdfmovie5
Muffin Factory
MuffinTime Muffin Factory
play 2 additional action cards this turn asdfmovie5
Muffin Time
MuffinTime Muffin Time1
draw 5 cards Asdfmovie8
New Camera
New Camera
(Mini-Game) take a photo with everyone (these memories are precious) asdfmovie3
No Dog?!
MuffinTime No Dog?!
all players who don't own a dog discard 2 cards asdfmovie3
No, Llama! No!
MuffinTime No, Llama No
any players who can't drive discard 1 card Asdfmovie2
Oh No!
MuffinTime On No
if you can correctly guess the exact number of action cards in another player's hand steal all of them Asdfmovie5
Okay Draw
MuffinTime Okay Draw
(Mini-Game) all players aim finger guns at each other and the most targeted player/s discard 3 cards Asdfmovie10
Play That One
MuffinTime Play That One
choose 1 action from another players hand and force them to play it Asdfmovie5
MuffinTime Pointless
nothing happens Asdfmovie
Promotion choose one player to give 1 card of their choice to another player marmite is terrible
Pull My Finger TBA Asdfmovie11
Single if this is your only cards draw 10 cards Asdfmovie11
Snake Arms
MuffinTime Snake Arms
steal 1 card from every boy player Asdfmovie10
Stolen Face
MuffinTime Stolen Face
steal 2 cards from another player Asdfmovie4
Suddenly Pineapples
MuffinTime Suddenly Pineapples
all placed trap cards are discarded Asdfmovie: deleted scenes
Take It Outside
MuffinTime Take It Outside
(Mini-Game) challenge another player to an arm wrestle (or thumb war); the winner draws 3 cards Asdfmovie7
Tall Midget
MuffinTime Tall Midget
the tallest player has to give 3 cards to the shortest player Asdfmovie7
Throw The Cheese all other players discard 1 card Asdfmovie4
Time Machine
MuffinTime Time Machine
retrieve 1 of your cards from the discard pile Asdfmovie4
We're All Gonna Die counter cards don't work until your next turn Asdfmovie9
Whose Idea?
MuffinTime Whose Idea
steal 3 cards from the player who suggested this game Asdfmovie4
Why Wait?
MuffinTime Why Wait
choose another player. it's their turn now Asdfmovie4
Wish Granted TBA Asdfmovie10
Yay! Cookies!
MuffinTime Yay Cookies
steal 1 card from all other players Asdfmovie2
You're Adopted
MuffinTime You're Adopted
adopt the 3 most recently discarded cards Asdfmovie8
You're Fat
MuffinTime You're Fat
choose another player to draw 5 cards asdfmovie7
You're Dead!
MuffinTime You're Dead
choose another player to discard all their counter cards (can't be countered (sorry)) asdfmovie3


Name Image Description Origin
Aw, Come On!
MuffinTime Aw, Come On
stop another player's current action card and force them to discard 3 cards Asdfmovie
Beep Beep I'm a Sheep
MuffinTime Beep Beep I'm A Sheep
any action card played specifically on you now affects all players asdfmovie10
Bomb Squad
MuffinTime Bomb Squad
stop the card "mine turtle" and draw 3 cards for yourself TBD
Can't Fire Me
(Kickstarter-exclusive) if another player attempts to steal your cards, discard that many instead Asdfmovie12
Can't Tell Me
MuffinTime Can't Tell Me
stop the current action card and draw a new card for yourself Asdfmovie4
Catch The Knife
MuffinTime Catch The Knife
stops the current counter card Asdfmovie7
Chase Me!
MuffinTime Chase Me
if another player steals this card from you, they discard their entire hand Asdfmovie10
Dead To Me
MuffinTime Dead To Me
stop the current action or trap card and force that player to skip their next turn Asdfmovie3
Dog With A Knife stop the current trap card Asdfmovie6
I'm A Ghost
I'm a ghost
stop the current action but discard all your placed trap cards Asdfmovie7
Meow Meow I'm a Cow any action card that effects all players now only effects 1 player of your choice Asdfmovie10
Never Take Me Alive stop the current action card but skip your next turn Asdfmovie6
MuffinTime No!!!
stop another player's action card and steal that card from them asdfmovie4
No U
MuffinTime No U
stop another player stealing your cards and instead steal that many from them Asdfmovie4
MuffinTime Nope!
stop another player from stealing your cards asdfmovie8
Not Today!
MuffinTime Not Today
stops the current action, trap, or counter card Asdfmovie2
Oh... Okay?
MuffinTime Oh... Okay
stop being forced to discard cards and draw that many instead Asdfmovie5
Opposite Day
the effects of an action card played specifically against you now affect whoever played it instead Asdfmovie5
Out Of Muffins
MuffinTime Out of Muffins
stops muffin time Asdfmovie5
Put It Back put the current action, counter or trap card back into its player's hand asdfmovie7
Shoot It Down
MuffinTime Shoot It Down
stops magical pony Asdfmovie6
MuffinTime Static
deflect an action or trap card played against you onto the next player TBD
MuffinTime Stegosaurus
choose another player to take the effect of the action or trap card played against you instead Asdfmovie4
Stop It stop being forced to draw or steal cards Mine Turtle (Song)
Thanks, You Too
MuffinTime Thanks, You Too
the effects of a trap card played specifically against you now also affect whoever played it asdfmovie11
The Hole
MuffinTime The Hole
(Kickstarter-exclusive) stop the current action card and force that player to discard their entire hand The Hole
Tree Powers
MuffinTime Tree Powers
stop another player stealing your cards but skip your next turn Asdfmovie
Wannabe choose to also be affected by the current action or trap card asdfmovie4
We Failed
MuffinTime We Failed
choose another player to also be effected by an action or trap card played against you Asdfmovie: deleted scenes


Name Image Description Origin
Baby on Fire
MuffinTime Baby on Fire
if another player plays a card with "baby" in its title they discard 3 cards Asdfmovie3
MuffinTime Backstories
if another player recalls an event from over a year ago they discard 3 cards Asdfmovie8
MuffinTime Catch
if another player catches something you throw at them, steal 3 of their cards Asdfmovie4
MuffinTime Comedy
if another player laughs out loud, steal 3 of their cards asdfmovie9
MuffinTime Crybaby
if another player complains, they discard 3 cards asdfmovie8
Do An Internet
MuffinTime Do An Internet
if you catch another player browsing the internet, steal 3 of their cards Asdfmovie4
Don't Beat Me
MuffinTime Don't Beat Me
if you have 0 cards, steal the entire hand of any other player asdfmovie5
Don't Think About Cats if another player mentions a cat, they discard 3 cards Asdfmovie6
Did Somebody Say _____?
(Kickstarter-exclusive) if you successfully trick another player into repeating something you say they discard 3 cards Asdfmovie12
Don't Touch
MuffinTime Don't Touch
place this card face-down anywhere and if another player picks it up, they discard 5 cards Asdfmovie3
Face in a Face
MuffinTime Face In A Face
stick this card to your forehead and if nobody mentions it by your next turn, all players draw 2 cards Asdfmovie6
Farting Butt
MuffinTime Farting Butt
if another player farts, burps, coughs, or sneezes, steal 3 of their cards Asdfmovie11
MuffinTime Gullible
create a distraction and steal 1 card from every player you fooled asdfmovie2
Hello There
MuffinTime Hello There
say "hello" to another player and steal 3 of their cards if they say "hello" back Asdfmovie9
If You're Happy
MuffinTime If You're Happy
if another player sings out loud steal 3 of their cards Asdfmovie10
LOL Out Loud
MuffinTime Lol Out Loud
if another player says "muffin time", they discard 3 cards Asdfmovie
Made Ya Jump
MuffinTime Made Ya Jump
if you successfully scare another player, they discard 3 cards asdfmovie11
Magic Word
Magic Word
if another player says "please", steal 3 of their cards Asdfmovie11
Named This Way
MuffinTime Named That Way
if another player says your first name, they discards 3 cards Asdfmovie9
MuffinTime Needles
(Kickstarter-exclusive) if another player steals any of your cards, they discard 5 cards Needles
On Your Face
MuffinTime On Your Face
stick this card to your forehead and if nobody mentions it by your next turn, all players discard 3 cards Asdfmovie3
MuffinTime Tired?
if another player yawns, they discard 4 cards asdfmovie5
MuffinTime What
if you successfully trick another player into saying "what" they discard 3 cards Asdfmovie11
What a Twist
MuffinTime What A Twist
if you have 0 cards, draw 10 cards TBD
What Have You Done?
MuffinTime What Have You DONE
if another player plays an action card specifically on you, the same effect also applies to them Asdfmovie9
What Time Is It?
MuffinTime What TIme Is It
if another player asks the time, steal 4 of their cards Asdfmovie8
You Fool
MuffinTime You Fool
if another player is forced to discard any cards, take then for yourself asdfmovie: deleted scenes


  • The Original One (2-6 Players, ₤15/$18, Shiny 'Suicidal Muffin' card)
  • The Kickstarter One (2-6 Players, ₤20/$24, Shiny 'Suicidal Muffin' card)
  • The Bigger Kickstarter One (2-8 Players, ₤25/$30, Rainbow Pack (40 cards), Shiny 'Suicidal Muffin' card)
  • The Bestest Kickstarter One (2-10 Players, ₤30/$36, Rainbow Pack (40 cards), Pie Flavour Pack (40 cards), Shiny 'Suicidal Muffin' card)

Kickstarter Stretch Goals

  • $91,000 (10 Kickstarter-exclusive cards including Baby With A Gun, Needles, and The Hole)
  • $240,000 (10 holographic cards including Stegosaurs, I Like Trains, and Do An Internet)
  • $360,000 (Playing Mat)
  • $480,000 (Holographic Box)
  • $606,400 (Muffin Plushie/Only included with The Bestest Kickstarter One edition)
  • $900,000 (20 new asdfmovie12-themed cards)
  • $1,200,000 (Enamel Muffin Pin)


208 Sem Título 20200320193020~2
  • The card "Put It Back" had its design changed for unknown reasons.
  • The cards "Face in a Face" and "On Your Face" had their rules changed.



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