Ryan, otherwise known as the I Like Trains Kid, first appeared in Asdfmovie2. Whenever he says "I like trains", either someone nearby or himself gets hit by a train. He was voiced by Edd Gould and archived audio has been used since Edd's passing in 2012 from an infection caused by his acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.[1] His latest appearance was in Asdfmovie12, although in anime form during the intro; he does not appear in the rest of the video, mostly due to the actor of Ryan's death.


The I Like Trains kid was born on an unknown date.

In his infancy, he and his mother were crushed by an airplane.

Before his first day of school, he had not spoken, but on the first day of school, he said "I like trains", and killed all the students and teachers.

I like trains kid was eventually put on Ritalin by his doctor and was able to speak other words.

He got employed, sold his house, and got a girlfriend. During their wedding, he put a ring of her finger and said "I Like Trains", and killed everyone.

List of people killed by Ryan




Ryan has appeared in almost every piece of asdfmovie-related merchandise. Ryan has appeared on countless of shirts with asdfmovie characters. Most notably, for Pride Month 2020, a limited edition shirt of Ryan on top of a train with a transgender flag trail, saying "I LIKE TRANS" could be purchased. Ryan also has a limited edition pin.


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