The Skateboard cow (also known as a cow pretending to be a man) is a cow that wants to do nothing but go "skateboards.” He has also been shown to supposedly ”like to do the crime” in ASDFmovie12’s deleted scenes


He first appears in the skit a Cow pretending to be a Man, where he asks 2 men (one of them named Alan) if they want to go skateboards.

His second skit is where Eddie asks his girlfriend if she's leaving him, but she tells him that she's met a real man. Suddenly, the cow asks Eddie's girlfriend if she wants to go skateboards.

In the end of Asdfmovie8, however, an orphanage master wonders who would have killed the orphans, when the cow on his skateboard whispers, "Skateboards". So he might have been responsible for killing the orphans.

His latest appearance is in the final sketch of asdfmovie10, where he is trying to say "Meow, meow. I'm a cow. I said, meow, meow, I'm a cow." But when a sheep says, "NO!" he stops.

Skateboard Cow
Skateborad Cow
You wanna go skateboards?


Male (asdfmovie8) / Female (asdfmovie12)


asdfmovie8 and asdfmovie10

Voiced by




Appears in

  • asdfmovie8
  • asdfmovie10
  • asdfmovie12 (Intro only)
  • Beep beep i'm a sheep [knockoff version of skateboard cow]
  • Muffin time
  • asdfmovie12: deleted scenes


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