Todd Bryanton ( known as LilDeuceDeuce on Youtube) is a Canadian musician and Youtuber who is best known for his work on asdfmovie as the music composer and voice actor of many asdfmovie characters, including Do The Flop Guy.


asdfmovie4 - Music and Voice Actor

asdfmovie6 - Music and Voice for Do The Flop Guy

asdfmovie7 - Music and Voice for Do the Flop Guy

asdfmovie8 - Music

asdfmovie9 - Music and Voice Acto


asdfmovie10, asdfmovie11, asdfmovie12 - Music

Todd has also written songs based off of various skits from asdfmovie, including I Like Trains, Mine Turtle, Everybody Do The Flop, and Beep Beep I'm A Sheep, as well as alternate and remixed versions of the mentioned titles, such as Do The Flop (10 Minute Version).

  • His work can also be found on iTunes, under his Youtube channel name.
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