Hey, I'm Mr Pookie. I have watched every Asdfmovie.

Facts about me

  • I love kicking people's butts.
  • Hi Mr Pookie!  You are my worst enemy you stupid poop   best friend!
  • Go to hell my house for a surprise!
  • I like food.
  • I saw The Lego Movie on the 13th of February 2014.
  • Get a life some candy, it's delicous!
  • If there was a such thing as a male who hates football, I'm one.
  • Umm... errr... must think of another fact..... banana.
  • There was this time where me and my dad had drove home. When we got in, 1 minute later a guy knocked on our door. I answered it. He was naked. He did nothing but tell me to take off my clothes so I threw my brother's shirt at the guy and told him to put some clothes on.
  • I once kissed my own butt.
  • I'm a male.
  • I'm not a female.
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