I'm using official asdfmovie OST by LittleDeuceDeuce in my upcoming series, Skateboarding Stars, and in addition a number of asdfmovie references are made throughout the first installment alone. A complete list as of now is below.

  • Main Theme: asdfmovie9 song, except only with "do you wanna go skateboards" and in my voice instead.
  • Credits: asdfmovie7 song, which was apparently never used by TomSka but hey, I found a use for it.
  • In the scene where Nate constantly teleports around the park to find Delyla, there is one point where he's sitting on the fence singing "Mine Turtle".
  • Another scene, following the one where Delyla desperately flushes the cursed yo-kai watch down the toilet, shows Nate trying to talk to Delyla (though she finds him annoying due to the Curse of Insanity he fell victim to), which results in Delyla covering her ears and shouting the "I Like Trains" song.
  • There's another scene after the same watch mysteriously comes back to Delyla's wrist (it always does no matter how she tries to get rid of it), not even shorted after being flushed down the toilet, and Nate is following her yet again. Delyla again covers her ears, this time singing "Everybody Do the Flop" before realizing he's not going to leave. A small asdfmovie reference is seen here, where Delyla groans and says, "I wish mine turtles were real!" and then the whimsy in the City of Dreams creates a mine turtle right under Nate's foot, stunning him temporarily with the explosion and buying Delyla some time to escape. Delyla snickers and whispers, "Better late than never... hello, mine turtle."
  • At one point, Nate startles Delyla with a sudden appearance. She screams and freezes, and says "everybody do the flop" before she falters. Her friends Whitney and Sierra laugh and fall on the ground, and Delyla laughs before getting serious again and saying, "No, really, Nate startled me that time."
  • A song that is being considered for use is the classic asdfmovie song, except the instrumental only. It will currently only be used in title cards but might also appear during a possible montage. It is currently unknown if this OST will be used in any other way.

I'm not trying to break the rules, but I'm actually planning several different asdfmovie references throughout this series so I wanted to share this. If this violates the rules in any way please let me know and I won't do it again. I probably won't do anything else related to this series on this wiki, except to announce more asdfmovie references via my blog. But if I'm not allowed to, I won't.

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