This blog is based on Meta07's New World text game in the Bloons Conception Wiki


You are an epic guy who just joined the ASDF Brigade.A random evil appeared in ASDFland and you must stop it.

The Mechanics

It's a choice-RPG fusion.Here's your starting stats:

  • Level:1
  • Speed:5
  • Attack:5
  • XP:0/100
  • Absolute Defence:0
  • Crit:10%(2x dmg if successful)
  • HP:15
  • MP:10

You say the number of the action to do it.Defending doubles your defense.Oh,and I'll always add Do Something Else to test your imagination.Ex."do the Harlem Shake"

Also,each action done with Do Something Else restores some MP.If i can't work out a way to do your idea,well,then do something else.

I'll give someone their own path post if they get to Chapter 1(yes,there'll be a prologue!)


I'll be using the RNG to do this stuff:

  • Determining your dodge chance
  • Determining a critical hit
  • Determining normal hits
  • Determining defense


You can earn these classes at the Job Board.

  • Novice(1+ everything)
  • Sniper(5+ Attack,3+ speed,2+ everything else)
  • Assassin(13+ speed,7+ attack,1+ everything else)
  • Demolition(9001+ 8+ attack,3+ everything else)
  • Engineer(7+ HP,10+ MP,2+ everything else)
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